Friday, December 2, 2011

3rd International Conference on e-Learning (ICeL) 2011

The 3rd International Conference on e-Learning (ICeL) 2011 was held on 23-24th November 2011 at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Bandung, Indonesia.

This conference was supported by Program Beasiswa Unggulan Biro Perencanaan dan Kerjasama Luar Negeri Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional Indonesia, AKEPT (Akademi Kepimpinan Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia) and Laboratory for Control & Computer Systems which was organized by ITB, SEAMOLEC and UiTM.

Bandung, City of Flowers, is provincial capital of West Java and Indonesia's 3rd largest city, located about 180 km southeast of Jakarta. Known in colonial times as the Paris of Java because of its European ambiance and sophistication, Bandung shares with a fine legacy of Tropical Deco architecture dating from the 1920's.

Situated on a mountains high plateau in the beautiful Parahyangan mountains, Bandung's pleasant climate and lush surroundings have offered an escape from the heat of the lowlands since the mid 19th century when it was the heart of the region's most prosperous plantation area. Bandung is now a center of higher education. commerce and aircraft industry which despite its modern amenities still retains much of its colonial era charm.

Along with 3 other teachers from MOZAC, we participated in the parallel session entitled :

1) "I am a Techno-Rebel" Malaysian Academics & Their Personal Experiences of Progressing into e-Learning from UiTM

2) Let's Wiki in Class from UiTM

3) Investigating Students' Acceptance towards Blog from UiTM

4) Leadership Development for Sustainability of e-learning from AKEPT

5) Replacing Face-to-Face Classes by Synchronous Online Technologies : The HOU Experience from Hanoi Open University, Vietnam

6) Case Study : ICT in Education (Singapore) from MOE Singapore